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Joseph D'Agostino, the lead singer/songwriter of Cymbals Eat Guitars, has announced his new project Empty Country and has shared the new track "Ultrasound" as well as the B-Side "Jets".

When talking about the track "Ultrasound" Joe says, "My sister-in-law Robin was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in the summer of 2015. She is now NED (No Evidence of Disease!) and has been for more than three years. But whenever my wife Rachel goes in for her biannual examination and has imaging done, we are always pretty on-edge, to say the least. This song is about a bleak and scary week in January 2018 while we were waiting on a biopsy report following a suspicious-looking ultrasound. It features two of my heroes: Rachel on the high harmony and Charles Bissell of The Wrens on the low harmony."

As for "Jets" Dagostino says, β€œIt’s about tripping acid on Block Island in the summer of 2018, and about the end of civilized society. FDT!”

Look out for the Empty Country debut LP early next year on Tiny Engines.


Empty Country - Ultrasound
August 2019 · Tiny Engines · TE207

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  • Empty Country - Ultrasound

    Empty Country - Ultrasound



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