Peaer - Peaer TE154


Performing with a rotating lineup of musicians, Peaer is an object set in motion, staying in motion. Songwriter Peter Katz (formerly of Fugue, Poverty Hollow, Suns) has an understanding of dynamics, amplitude, and melody as they interact as physical bodies, pushing, pulling, peaking and falling. Consequently, Peaer produces songs about communication as a force on a linguistic and kinetic level communication between individuals, between yourself and other self, between your heart and your brain.

Peaer Self-Titled is Peaer’s second record, following the release of the home recorded debut the eyes sink into the skull in September of 2014. the eyes sink into the skull offered songs ranging from contemplative, melancholic slowcore to sparkling and intricate math rock. Peaer Self-Titled, however, recognizes and references these motifs, but pushes them further. Performed and recorded with the help of Max Kupperberg (Bruise, ex-Palehound) on drums and Michael Steck on bass guitar, Peaer offers higher energy, shorter form, stronger hooks, with emphasis on economy, cohesion and balance.

Track Listing

  1. Pink Spit
  2. Cliff Song
  3. Third Law
  4. Drunk
  5. I.H.S.Y.A.
  6. Sick
  7. For The Rest Of Your Life

Pressing Information

First Pressing (Vinyl):
200 Custom Candy Grape Purple & Opaque Lavender Split (mailorder exclusive)
300 Coke Bottle Clear

Second Pressing (Vinyl):
300 Yellow

First Pressing (Cassettes):
50 Purple Solid (Opaque)
75 Purple Tint (Transluscent)

Second Pressing (Cassettes):
50 Yellow Tint (cassette store day exclusive)
75 Green Tint
125 Red Tint

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