Wild Ones - Mirror Touch TSR187

Mirror Touch explores spaces of isolation, loneliness and how it feels when the line between self and other becomes blurred. The record title refers to the condition "Mirror Touch Synesthesia" and the physiological experience of empathy. How can you know yourself, when in public you become everyone else? The songs explore the quest to maintain artistic self-integrity in an industry that seeks to homogenize. Solitary in their process of collaboration, Himes and Vicario produce the music, while Sullivan crafts lyrics and melodies, their attempt at self-preservation against the ever-changing expectations of what music should or should not be. Combining their style of upbeat melodies with a backdrop of darker lyrical themes, an inquiry into their artistic process ultimately reflects a balance between earnest head nods to their favorite sounds with a fierce loyalty to their own sense of self.

Standard album cover with dichromatic album graphic and inverted coloring of song titles on back. Lyric sheet and additive artwork displayed on backside of sheet created by Katie Beasley and Tobias Tanabe.

Track Listing

1. Paresthesia
2. Do You Really
3. They're Not Me
4. Invite Me In
5. Standing in the Back at Your Show
6. Night Shift
7. Wanna Be Your Man
8. Love + Loathing
9. Forgetting Rock N Roll
10. No Money

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