Adult Mom - Soft Spots (Demos) TE186

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Released in celebration of the one year anniversary of Adult Mom’s critically acclaimed sophomore LP, Soft Spots, these 9 demo tracks are stripped down and straightforward, yet equally as moving and powerful as the fully orchestrated songs they would eventually become. Intimate, deeply personal and without pretense, Soft Spots (Demos) showcases what Adult Mom’s Stephanie Knipe can do with their voice, a guitar and an iPhone.

Track Listing

  1. Ephemeralness (demo)
  2. Full Screen (demo)
  3. J Station (demo)
  4. Patience (demo)
  5. Tenderness (demo)
  6. Same (live at Westmyn Co-op)
  7. Steal The Lake From The Water (demo)
  8. Drive Me Home (live at Westmyn Co-op)
  9. First Day Of Spring (demo)

Pressing Information

First Pressing (Cassettes):
80 Green Tint
110 Purple Tint
160 Lime Green

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