Strange Ranger - How It All Went By TE193


The release of their sophomore album, Daymoon-- their first with Tiny Engines, found the band in their most atmospheric and intricate form yet. At first Daymoon may seem a bit messy, but the album was truly a testament to the band’s dynamic range of ability. Featuring everything from rambling impassioned ballads like “Everything All At Once” and “The Future”, to benevolently poignant numbers like “Warm” and “Seesaw”, and brief unadorned moments of simple sounds like “Sophie” and “Doggies”. Following the release of their second album, Strange Ranger wasted no time, and commenced the recording of what will eventually be their third full length album, due in 2019. That recording would be interrupted though, by the inception and recording of of How It All Went By, their forthcoming EP.

Influenced by predecessors like Third Eye Blind and Oasis, How It All Went By stands as the band’s most radio-ready release yet. With the majority of its songs clocking in at the sweet spot between 2 and 5 minutes; the EP features power pop bops with an edge (“New Hair” and “I Want It To Be Dark”) alongside gritty rasping anthems (“Remember”). Consistent with past releases are the band’s thoughtful and casually poetic lyricism, impeccable musicianship, and incredible amounts of emotion and vulnerability. A fleeting moment in their discography, How It All Went By is the band’s pop rock diversion fans old and new have been waiting for. (bio by Delaney Motter)

Track Listing

  1. New Hair
  2. I Want It To Be Dark
  3. The Wires
  4. Remember
  5. Birdies

Pressing Information

First Pressing (Cassettes):
75 Clear w/ Red Foil Liner (band exclusive)
100 Red Solid
125 Blue Gray Tint

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