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floral print’s self-titled EP is a statement of transition - a celebration of liminality between the past and uncertain futures. On mirror stages, the band recorded under the high ceilings of Broad Streets Visitors Center, a renovated recording space nested in the new locus for gentrification in Atlanta’s downtown. Both intentionally and subconsciously, the anxiety of pining for place, identity, and love amidst breakneck change permeated the sound of mirror stages.

In contrast, floral print embraces ambivalence. Each song searches for a connection between the delirious joy and neurotic confusion of new beginnings, both material and spiritual. The EP marks the addition of bassist Joshua Pittman, whose melodic sensibility anchors the band’s explorative songwriting in familiarity and warmth. Longtime collaborator Graham Tavel also returns to record and engineer the release, and his zeal for experimentation continues to be essential in shaping the band’s sound.

Somewhere between woo’s wide-eyed psychedelia and mirror stages’ explosive angst, floral print charts a new direction for the band - always restless, always anxious to translate new feelings into sound and spectacle.


floral print - floral print
August 2019 · Tiny Engines · TE192

floral print - mirror stages
October 2017 · Tiny Engines · TE174

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  • floral print - floral print

    floral print - floral print

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    floral print - mirror stages



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