Walleater - I / II TE143

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Some bands spend years searching for their true sound as they strain under the weight of influences, trends or expectations. Other bands just sound naturally comfortable in their own skin. Walleater is one of those bands. Throw whatever tag you want upon the young UK band, Walleater occupies their own space and they do so with a remarkably clear artistic vision. The band has a penchant for melody and suspense, a certain flare for the dramatic build and release. However, this never comes at the expense of the song. Nothing is contrived or forced, every note serves a purpose and every piece of the puzzle fits. And that simplicity, that organic quality, that is where Walleater's sound begins and ends.

Track Listing

  1. Give In To Me
  2. Just A Boy
  3. Glow
  4. What Do You Know
  5. Swallow You
  6. Perfect Sin
  7. Hole In My Brain
  8. Keep It Strange

Pressing Information

First Pressing:
200 White w/ Turquoise Starburst
300 Clear w/ Black Smoke

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