It Looks Sad. - Kaiju TE151

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It Looks Sad.’s wiry, excitable debut EP last year was a real gem, and the Charlotte-based band is following that up with Kaiju, a digital single featuring two new tracks. The A-side to that release is “Creature,” a spirited and crisp song that sticks within the confines of the sound they established on that EP, but still feels fresh and rewarding. Jimmy Turner’s cavernous voice echoes through every corner, extolling downtrodden lines like “I lost my lungs, I don’t really need ‘em/ I lost my heart, I don’t really need it anymore” with a high-strung intensity. He’s met with agile guitars and frantic but precise drumming that puts the track into focus with a satisfying snap. That forward momentum is reflected in the lyrics, which talk of things deflected and things put off: “I got some things to do, but I don’t wanna do them/ I got some things to say, and I will never say them to your face.” The WU LYF comparison I made back when “Ocean” was released still stands, but considering that band is dead and followup material has been sporadic at best, It Looks Sad. fills a necessary gap, and they leave themselves a lot of room to grow. - Stereogum

Track Listing

  1. Creature
  2. Nagoya

Pressing Information

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